Jim Capraro brings over 40 years of community organiziing and development experience to his work. In the early 1970's he worked as a community organizer pursuing the passage of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA,) and the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA.)


Principal - Capraro Consulting:

Neighborhoods, governments, and philanthropies have engaged Jim. The subject matter has been wide and varied, ranging from: "comprehensive" community development, strategic planning, community organizing, collaboration/partnership, & non-profit management. Currently, Jim has been deployed by National LISC and several local LISC sites to assist in the roll out of its signature "Sustainable Communities" comprehensive community development approach.


Former Senior Fellow - Institute for Comprehensive Community Development (2010-2012):

On May 17, 2010 Jim Capraro received an appointment as "Senior Fellow" of The Institute for Comprehensive Community Development. The following is an excerpt from the letter of appointment:

"The task of the Senior Fellow is to provide advice and counsel to the staff and Board of the Institute with respect to the Institute's programs; to participate in those programs as a leader and mentor; and to interact directly with practitioners in the field who are served by the Institute's programs.

You have been appointed to this position based on your long and successful career in community development, as well as the recognized leadership you bring to the field."


Former CEO - Greater Southwest Development Corporation (1976-2010):alt

Jim Capraro assumed his position as the founding Executive Director of the Greater Southwest Development Corp. (GSDC) in January of 1976, and retired as its Chief Executive Officer on July 2, 2010. During his 35 year tenure, GSDC has been designated by the National Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation as a national "model" for commercial revitalization, selected by the Chicago Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) as the recipient of the “Outstanding Community Development Organization” award & also selected by Bank of America as a winner of the prestigious Neighborhood Excellence - Community Builder Award. www.greatersouthwest.org

GSDC has achieved over $500 million in community development projects and created or retained over 6,000 jobs in its Southwest Chicago neighborhood, over the past 30 years. GSDC’s development projects range from small business to the creation of elderly housing, the siting major retailers, and the $300 million expansion of the worlds largest bakery, Nabisco.



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